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10 Tips for Dressing Modestly (but fashionable) on New Year’s Eve

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We want to dress modestly on New Year’s Eve, but it can be an uphill battle when you visit your local shop and see the revealing clothing available and the LACK of our modest clothing options (that don’t look like a grandma).

1) Wear fun leggings under short dresses.

Wearing leggings under your skirts/dresses is a great way to still wear “fun” items that might otherwise be too short. There are also garments called “skirt extenders*” if you want to elongate a skirt.

2) Glittery tops under low-cut blouses.

You don’t have to wear a boring tank top under your super cute (but low-cut) blouse, spice it up with some sparkle!

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3) Longer shirt over yoga pants.

Personally, yoga pants are my uniform. They are comfortable and I don’t have a muffin-top when I put them on, BUT they are body hugging. There is no reason for you NOT to be comfortable, but wearing a longer shirt or throw-over sweater helps keep eyes off your bootylicious backside and on where they belong: your face!

4) Couture-looking jacket over skimpy top.

Cute jackets are my new go-to. Not only do they add style and class to an otherwise skimpy top, but also provide a stylish way to retain modesty.

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5) Layer too-short top with longer tank.

I have multiple shirts that once fit well, but dryer shrinkage has made my belly occasionally say “peek a boo.” The easiest way to avoid glimpses of your tummy is layering. If you don’t have a six-pack, this also helps detract from your extra cushion!

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6) Wear bodysuit under pants that make you have a plumber butt.

Don’t fall prey to the accidental butt cleavage of a plumber by pairing your low-rise jeans/pants with a bodysuit.

7) Save the push-up bra for later.

Push-up bras are amazing. They lift those girls into place and make us feel like we are cousins to those girls in the Victoria Secret catalog, but save them for the bedroom if they cause your breasts to be “on display” this New Year’s Eve.

8) Get creative with scarves.

If you are struggling to find a creative way to cover up some areas, try a scarf! People love scarves, but often forgo them because they don’t know how to arrange it. If you love vintage brooches, but can’t seem to figure out how to wear one, now’s your chance! And did you know you can wear a scarf as a vest? Here is my Pinterest “Scarves” Board for ideas!

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9) Pair sexy shoes with longer skirt.

Five-inch heels that you love? By all means, rock those bad boys, but you don’t have to pair them with a super short skirt to give them the limelight! A long skirt can actually draw attention to the shoes more!

10) Go “boyfriend” style.

You don’t have to dress sexy to be sexy, throwing on some “boyfriend” jeans and a button-up shirt can give you that “I care, but don’t care” look. A BIG part of the fashion balancing act is looking like you spent time on yourself, but not too much time. A low-key ensemble coupled with fantastic makeup and hair guarantees that vibe.

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And Don’t Forget the Bling!

Modesty is a beautiful thing. I’m all for jazzing things up with our clothes and jewelry (the other bling), but I want to remind you of the old saying from the movie, Annie:

You’re never fully dressed without a smile.

As much as clothing is of great value in our culture, it shouldn’t detract from the thing of true value: YOU!

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New Year's Eve is a great time to display our favorite "fun" outfits. Sparkles, glitter, baubles and beads are the order of the night. Here are some great tips on how to make NYE fun and fashionable, without giving away all your "secrets"! This article focuses on how to dress modestly on New Years Eve but still look (and feel) great!

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    • Tara
    • December 30, 2014

    What fun ideas!

  1. Reply

    Love these tips. I love that we can bling it up and get our glam on and still honor our bodies! Great job balancing the two here. And I am all about sexy shoes and lot of bling over the boyfriend look!