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Okay, so the world is ending, right? What’s a girl gonna do to survive?

The Bible says that the earth will wear out like a garment. (Isaiah 51:6)

You’ve warned your children about the 10 Truths You Need to Teach Your Children about the End Times, but what happens next? I’m not a fear monger, but I think it’s smart to be prepared.

My family isn’t one of those hard-core prepper families, BUT we do have some stuff prepared. If you decide not to prepare in the physical sense at all – this list is for you! These are simple tips that will help you mentally prepare if a catastrophic event or the tribulation period occurs in your lifetime.

Here are some of my favorite doomsday hacks for normal people…or you can just use them for camping. Whatever.

1. Fire starter

Cutting a strip of a gum wrapper (or cigarette liner) in a thin hourglass shape and placing it on the opposing ends of AA battery will ignite a flame that you can light up kindling (like dryer lint). (Click for How to Light a Fire with Gum Wrapper and a Battery Video)

2. CRayons can be used as Emergency Candles

A crayon candle will burn for approximately 8 minutes and the paper around the wax serves as a wick. (Click for DIY Crayon Candle Video)

3. Opening a Can

By scratching the surface of your canned goods on the sidewalk or anything concrete you can pop open a can. (Click for How To Open a Can Using Sidewalk Video)

4. Sharpening a Knife without Tools

Did you know you can sharpen a dull knife or pair of scissors with the bottom of a coffee mug? (Click for How to Sharpen Knife with Coffee Mug Video)

Or you can use a belt, cinder block or a brick? (Click for How to Sharpen Knife with Belt, Cinder Block or Brick Video)

5. Household Bleach Purifies Unsafe Drinking Water

Quick Measurements for purifying water with bleach:

  • 8 drops for 1 gallon of water.
  • 1 tsp for every 10 gallons of water. (Click for How to Purify Water with Bleach Video)

6. Easiest Survival FOod

Peanut Butter: there are many other prepper foods, but this is by far my favorite because it is:

  • Easy to Open
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Tasty
  • High in Calories and Protein
  • Easily Portable

If you have a peanut allergy, canned meat is probably next on my list. Remember to bring an opener or you’ll be forced to use the sidewalk (see above).

7. Wool is one of the most beneficial fabrics

Wool (or hair) is God’s amazing way to help all mammals regulate their body temperature in all weather and climates.

Wool wicks moisture away from your skin. Wicking fabrics pull moisture from the body to the exterior of the garment where it can evaporate more easily.

Wool is also:

  • Long-lasting and biodegradable.
  • It doesn’t dirty easily and is easy to clean.
  • It is naturally flame retardant.
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic.

(Source: The Wool Company)

8. Superglue can be used to repair wounds

Superglue is made up of ethyl-cyanoacrylate (butyl-cyanoacrylate is the improved hospital grade wound glue) and is used in third-world hospitals to treat open wounds. Using glue shouldn’t be used on wounds that are:

  • a high infection risk (like an animal bite)
  • over a hairline
  • in a high tension area or an area that stretches
  • wounds that are deep or affect muscle or tendons
  • wounds on mucus membranes, genitalia or mouth

(Source: ChildrensMD)

9. If you aren’t going to buy anything, at least invest in some extra rolls of duct tape.

Without duct tape the Apollo 13 spacecraft wouldn’t have made it successfully back to earth.

Duct tape can be used for:

  • Tick removal
  • Blisters
  • Repair Tents

And a zillion other things.(Click for for See Amazing Duct Tape Uses Video)

10. Read The Greatest Survival Tip I’ve Ever Discovered from a true survival website.

Out of every single survival tip I’ve ever read…this is BY FAR the smartest one! Read  THE GREATEST SURVIVAL TIP I’VE EVER DISCOVERED.

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