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I received a copy of Designed to Pray in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.
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When I picture prayer I think of someone fervently talking to God on their knees with their arms outstretched.

It makes my arms hurt just thinking about it.

But if I pray like I want to (curled up under a blanket) I fall asleep. Not really conducive to a thriving prayer life, is it?

My prayer life sucks big time lately. It honestly does. Most days I hit the floor running. Too many kids. Too much homeschooling. Too many things on my to-do list.

“God, do you mind taking a back seat today?” is my attitude toward spending time with God lately. I’m surviving on fumes. And it’s not good.

Slowing down too much makes me think about sleeping, so praying in more hands-on creative way helps the “Martha” part of me feel like I’m doing something productive (and keeps my eyes open). Designed to Pray by Kelly O’Dell Stanley looks like a cross between an adult-coloring book and a bible study book. The reading is short and simple and the prayer activities are fun and meaningful.

While I support traditional prayer times, I thought this 8-week journey of communicating with God in new and unique ways can be useful when you feel like you are in a prayer slump.

Directions for a More Creative Prayer Life

Some of these are inspired from the book Designed to Pray by Kelly O’Dell Stanley, but some of them I’ve picked up along my own faith journey with Jesus.

1. Doodle While Praying

This tip from Designed to Pray was BY FAR my favorite because it kept my mind from wandering!

Whenever I was praying for someone, I would doodle their name.

It I was praying for something general, I would doodle an object associated with the prayer.

Doodling while praying really kept me focused on praying.

2. Use Prayer Prompts

From “pray for someone’s son” to “pray for your favorite musician,” the prayer prompts in the book Designed to Pray helped me to think outside my normal prayer box.

Prayer prompts helped me pray for people I wouldn’t normally think about praying for.

3. Color-Code Biblical Prayers

I’ve done Biblical color coding before. It’s where you get some high-lighters and assign a color to each type of prayer.

For example, prayers of thanksgiving could be in yellow.

Go throughout your Bible and highlight in yellow prayers that show gratitude to God.

Whenever you are “low” on what to pray, you can reference prayers from the Bible and pray them over your life!

4. Say “Notification” Prayers

I heard the “notification prayer” idea from a friend at church.

She says that whenever she hears a “ding” or a “buzz” from her cell phone (which most people keep on them 24/7), she says a prayer before she looks down at whatever text message or notification alert she’s received.

This is also a great way to help us keep our online life balanced with our spiritual life.

5. Assign a Spot

Maybe you work on the 10th floor and always have to take the elevator. Or you always stand in line to get a coffee before work.

It could be pottytime or when you stand over the stove.

(I think my spot should be every time I lay my head down while my children tell me yet again how much they hate math!)

Whatever or wherever it is, assign a spot that is your “prayer spot” so when you find yourself there you have to pray.

Challenge yourself to not pass up the opportunity to pray, even if only a simple prayer, every time you come to that spot.

Creative Praying Doesn’t Stop There

There are countless ways to pray creatively.

Remember that:

Prayer isn’t just about asking. It’s about remembering who God is. – Kelly O’Dell Stanley

Prayeris 6232083

You can do as the Designed to Pray book says and try new positions (have you ever tried praying while doing a handstand…I haven’t…don’t know if I will either ???? ), cut out magazine pictures or adult-color scriptures. There is no formula for prayer (okay…maybe there kind of is since Jesus gave us the “Our Father” thing…but you get what I’m saying, right?). Praying is just a way to talk to the Father about your needs, your thankfulness, your dreams, the needs of others and all that jazz.

Do you have a creative way of praying?

Share in the comments below and enter to win your own copy of Designed to Pray by Kelly O’Dell Stanley.

Elaine Mingus

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