Did you Have a Christmas Meltdown?

Did you scream at your kids on Christmas morning?

Or nag your husband on Christmas day? Cry? And drop your casserole to boot?

Some Christmases are just like that.

I have a post-Christmas morning confession.

Although I pride myself on being the “calm and collected mom”, the mom that always speaks sweetly…yeah right…on Christmas morning, despite all my efforts, even I had a Christmas morning meltdown. This may have been partially due to three of the six kids awakening at random points from 3am until 6am…fun times.

I really wanted to be “chill” on Christmas. I wanted to NOT stress about housework, but it felt like I was met with resistance from EVERYONE (myself included).

I failed.

Did you fail Christmas morning?

Was your Christmas day not all it cracked up to be?

REJOICE! That is exactly what Christmas is all about.

You nor your days will EVER be perfect, they will never be “enough.” That’s why Jesus was born.

The ONE good thing about having a Christmas meltdown is that it shows (once again) our need for a Savior!

ONLY through the redemptive blood that Christ shed on the cross are you “a good mom/wife.”

If He had never been born, we couldn’t have had that salvation.

If you failed…that means you NEED Jesus still. You haven’t arrived at the final destination. You aren’t the master of your domain yet. You still have some things to learn.

He is the ever-gentle teacher waiting to give us guidance and grace through the next season of life.

Let’s start the New Year fresh WITH Jesus!

Because God only knows how much we needed Him to come 2000 years ago!

Did you scream, cry, nag or drop your casserole? Some Christmases are just like that. But here is one good thing about a Christmas meltdown.

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