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Top 25 Christian Mom Bloggers EVERYONE is Following

I don’t know about you, but I’m always wondering what Christian mom bloggers everyone else is following…because I need inspiration just like everyone else.

Here is my carefully curated collection of who I’ve found to be the most popular Christian/mom/wife bloggers online.

The internet is FULL of bloggers, so while this list may not reflect popularity perfectly, it’s the best list I could do.

These Christian mom bloggers are listed in order of how many Facebook fans they have. Enjoy discovering some new blogs while reacquainting yourself with some you might already follow!

Top 25 Christian Mom Bloggers EVERYONE is Following

1. Unveiled Wife

Christian, a wife and a mother of two, in that order, who wants to assist wives in the first few years of marriage with a focus on foundational biblical truth.

2. The Better Mom

Christian mom blogger and author with four children (and five in heaven) who wants to create a God-honoring family.

3. The Humbled Homemaker

A mom and wife who often wonders, “How in the world do other moms have it all together when I feel like I can barely keep my head above water?”

4. The Time-Warp Wife

A wife/mom that’s been unfaithful to her husband and whose marriage survived it by the grace of God alone. This is her journey back to what a wife is supposed to be.

5. A Wise Woman Builds Her Home

Mom of nine and Christian blogger who believes that weak homes equate a weak nation. She ministers to Christian women on how to build up strong Christian homes.

6. Club 31 Women

Lisa is the mom of 8 children. She’s created a gathering place for women to grow in their maturity in Christ that overflows into our roles as wife, mother, homemaker, friend, and neighbor.

7. The Busy Mom

Homeschooling mom of tons of kids who encourages moms to pursue Jesus (and how to do it when you are super busy)!

8. A Confident Heart

Adoption mom with two grown biological boys and one school-aged child from Ethopia. Renee opens up about life, family and faith.

9. Biblical Homemaking

Mandy’s heart could not be sweeter for her family and for Jesus. She’s a must-follow Christian mom blogger.

10. We Are THAT Family

Radical world changer, Kristen Welch, is a Christian blogger and founder of Mercy House which funds maternity homes in Kenya. Her story is amazing and outlined in her book Rhinestone Jesus.

11. The Happy Housewife

Military mom and Christian blogger who loves to exercise and to help other wives manage their homes while having a husband who is gone often.

12. The Encouraging Home

Dairy cow farming Christian mom blogger loves essential oils. She’s a boy mom who blogs about hope, health and happiness.

13. Meaningful Mama

Mom of three kiddos helps other moms navigate through what she calls the most rewarding yet challenging roles of a woman’s life.

14. To Love Honor & Vacuum

One of the rare tell-all Christian sex bloggers around, Sheila balances marriage and sex with a biblical worldview.

15. A Mama’s Story

Christian mom blogger of seven shares natural living, homeschooling and motherhood tips based on Titus 2.

16. Raising Homemakers

Focused on raising up the next generation of moms and wives, Sarah Mae talks recipes and all things family life.

17. Not Consumed

Single Christian mom blogger, whose story is inspirational, homeschools her four children – one who recently has been battling leukemia.

18. A Mother Far From Home

Christian mom blogger who wants to help take the chaos out of parenting by providing useful tips in all areas of motherhood.

19. Raising Arrows

Large-family blogger, Amy encourages moms to enjoy the journey of motherhood.

20. Life in Grace

Dr. Edie Wadsworth wants her readers to consider her a fun older aunt that helps them through the struggles of motherhood and life so they can live a Godly life with passion!

21. Karen Ehman

Coffee-lover, speaker, blogger, and mom who talks about recipes, DIYs and faith.

22. Deep Roots at Homes

An experienced RN who struggled with almost 20 years of infertility. With her children grown and raised, she hopes to encourage the younger women to fulfill their biblical calling.

23. Ever Thine Home

Every woman’s home is an expression of who she is–her values, her faith, her relationships. Barbara encourages moms/wives to be grateful during their homemaking tasks.

24. Young Wife’s Guide

Boy mom of five, Jami is passionate about encouraging women to craft Gospel-Centered homes based on Titus 2.

25. Tricia Goyer

Licensed Professional Counselor and mom who adopted teen girls. Tricia loves Jesus and cooking.

Head covering Christian woman who loves good coffee and stinky cheese. My favorite dessert is Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake. I am a Christian author, blogger, and speaker. I fell in love with my husband because he had rain drops on his glasses (true story). In my spare time I homeschool my seven children (5 girls, 2 boys).


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Ever wonder what Christian mom bloggers everyone else is following? Here's a comprehensive list of the most popular Christian women bloggers.

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  1. Reply

    Thanks for this list, Elaine! I’ve heard of maybe a quarter of these bloggers, but looking into a few others that stuck out to me.

    • Reply

      I know! I wrote the blog post in order to do the research because I’m always wanting to know who everyone is reading!

    • Lynn
    • October 19, 2017

    Great list, but don’t forget Sally Clarkson!

    • Reply

      Thanks! I’ve never heard of her! Checking her out!

  2. Reply

    Thank you so much for making this list! I see several ones I want to look at asap!

  3. Reply

    I’ve been writing a Christian blog, and I would love to share it with you, if you would like to read it. mikaylaandmacey.blogspot.com