How to Plan a Meaningful Christian Family Vacation

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Families are in trouble, there’s no question of that. Most of us are hearing about divorces, seems like every time we turn around. And those divorces are not just happening outside of the church. Divorce is becoming more and more common even between couples we know to be strong Christians.

Why is this? We have so many resources at our fingertips? Shouldn’t we be able to get all the help we need?

I think the age we are living in is part of the problem. Most families are so busy these days. A lot of families have both parents working. And then the children are not only in school, but they also have sports, dancing, and lots of other things they can be involved in.

If a mother decides not to work outside of the home, and instead chooses to homeschool, their families can be just as busy. Parents feel the need to make sure their children get the socialization they need.

Another problem I see is that even when a family is together somewhere, at least some of them are on their phone or other device. The family is not truly spending time together, building their relationships and making those memories that truly bind us together.

Taking vacations together is a great way to make sure your family reconnects.

Going on a vacation gets you away from all of the distractions and busyness of your normal life. You and your husband will get away from work. Your children will get away from school and their various activities.

Taking vacations together helps you make those special memories together. You might even do something unusual and actually talk to one another. Of course, part of the point is to have fun and do special things together.

How to Plan a Meaningful Christian Family Vacation

Figure Out Where to Go

Since this is a family vacation, you will want to first gather the family together and figure out what you want to do.

You will want to discuss times that will work for everyone in your family. Also discuss the kinds of things that you will want to do on your vacation. Seek common ground.

How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity. Psalm 133

Is your family more interested in the beach or the mountains?

Most older kids love amusement parks. A lot of younger ones will enjoy most anything as long as they get to stay in a hotel with a pool. And if all the children want to do one day is play at the hotel pool and order pizza, do that.

Vacations are for Relaxing

One thing you will want to to do is try not to wear yourselves out. Our lives are so rigid these days that it will probably be good for your whole family to have a very relaxed pace. Don’t push yourselves to do anything.

Vacations may be times when people actually start to open up and share how they feel. Vacations are also great times to catch up on sleep. Take your time at meals enjoying what you eat as well as one another.

Think of your vacation like an extended Sabbath and avoid doing work if possible. Even God took a break from working, how much more should we?

Mix it Up

Sometimes families mix education and their faith with pleasure, and will go on a missionary vacation or The Creation Museum. Another option might be going to visit extended family on your trip. You might even want to consider going to a nicer restaurant one evening to work on on manners.

The important thing is make sure everyone does at least one thing each member of the family truly enjoys.

And if you are out of town on a day that you would normally go to church – enjoy attending a local fellowship!

Other Things to Consider

You and your husband will also want to discuss things like budget, and whether you are going to allow phones or other technology on this trip. And that is not something you will have to decide just for the children. You do not want to go and spend your whole on the phone. Set limits for yourselves as well.

After all, you are taking this vacation to spend time together as a family.

Plan Wisely

And here are a few other things you might want to keep in mind. It is usually best to do the cultural things as the first part of your day. This allows everyone to be fresh. It will also give your children reason to get through the first things, knowing that they will do something they enjoy doing more later in the day.

  • Always have snacks on hand.
    Vacations are not a time for anyone to be hungry.
  • Ask what the locals like to do for fun.
    You might find a new family hobby.
  • Consider is talking to a travel agent.
    A lot of travel agents these days work from home, and can easily communicate with you by phone or through e-mail. These people spend a lot of their time researching trips. They’ll know how to book each aspect of your trip. And allowing them to book the trip earns them a commission, most don’t charge you anything over and above that. Travel agents will know how to plan the right trip for you and your family at the right price.

Also…remember to consult the Ultimate Travel Agent…God! Ask Him to lead you in planning your trip and protect your family as you go.

Final Tips

Vacations are a way to reconnect with your family, but also with God.

Remember to make a point to spend some time with Jesus each morning of your vacation. You can do this alone or as a family, or a combination of both!

He said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6:31

Taking your Bible and a journal and make your hotel balcony a special retreat at sunrise or sunset.

Play a game like Bible Challenge with you family on days you feel like staying in or purchase Bible Activity pads for the car trip!

I hope some of you decide to invest in your family and will start planning a trip today.

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