Best Places to Buy Christian Head Coverings


Best Places to Buy Christian Head Coverings

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I just recently discovered head covering. And honestly, every Sunday I rush around trying to figure out what I want to cover with. I have purchased a couple infinity scarves, but their patterns clash with many of my Sunday morning outfits. I made one…but it continually slips outta place (I need one of those velvet-stay-put-things). Usually, I opt for my black cover that (honestly) used to be a tube top. It stays in place with minimal effort.

Needless to say, I’m in the market to buy christian head coverings. Since I’m new to this entire head covering shebang, I figured I’d ask the lovely ladies in my Facebook community and do some research and give you ONLY the best of the best — both online and your brick-and-mortar stores!

Best Online Places to Shop for Christian Head coverings

Not all these places are specific to the Christian head coverer, but they are beautiful stores with easy online shopping.*

Garlands of Grace


Hair Coverings

Laudate Veils

Tichel Tichel

Mercato NYC

Head Covers

Liturgical Time


Best Brick-and-Mortar Stores to Shop for Christian Head Coverings

I recently posted about my Five Below Haul of infinity scarves and headbands, but here are some “go shop right now” stores you can go to!

Goodwill (this is a favorite of many of my head covering friends)

Wal-Mart (for scarves and headbands at rock-bottom prices)

Five Below


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