My Jesus Blogger “Aha!” Moment


As bloggers, we want to make our blogs successful while giving God the glory and sharing His gospel, right?

But what happens when your blog IS NOT taking off as you suspected and your message of hope is not heard?

You built a blog, and they didn’t come like in the movie Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner(Please tell me all ya’ll are old enough to know what I’m talking about!)

This is me.

I’m going to be real here. My blog ain’t anything to write home about.

My Stats as of February 2016

  • Facebook Fans: 763
  • Pinterest Followers: 1.2K
  • Twitter Follwers: 459
  • Email Subscriptions: 578 (272 have never opened an email)


Aha Ig 7080480

I mean, really. I’ve been blogging seriously since 2011. Those numbers are an accumulation of FIVE years of work. It’s a little pathetic. I know.

Believe me, I’ve prayed about it. I’ve sought blogger-counsel. Had a blog audit done by a professional blogger. I’ve gone to conferences, read TONS of blogging books and paid for courses from major bloggers.

But my numbers (though they climb) stay low.


As I’ve sought God (and others) about my blog’s growth…or ahem…lack thereof, I have found myself increasingly grateful for the deficit.

It’s forced me to continually press into God, examine myself and my motives for blogging.

It’s allowed me to learn slowly how to balance motherhood, wifehood and blogging.

I am a better person for the time spent as a small-time blogger.

During the wait, I’ve stopped asking “why, God, why?” and started praying “Lord, show me what you are trying to teach me here.”

My Blogging Aha! Moment

The thing about ‘aha’ moments is that you never know when (or where) they will happen.

This morning my prayer was:

Lord, all I want is for my children to know I desperately love them. That my husband know I desperately love him. That my online audience know I desperately love them….

*insert major pause in my prayer*

As I said the last words, I knew they weren’t true.

I don’t love my readers…at least not desperately. I appreciate you, like you, maybe even a little bit love you…but not like I love my children.

And there it was; the missing piece to my blogging dilemma.

God wants me to love YOU desperately.

Redirecting My Blog’s Focus

I blog for me. I love writing. I am proud of my work as a writer. It drives me.

Spreading the gospel and giving God glory drives me too.

I like to think that I blog for others and on some level I do, but it comes after blogging for God and myself.

But God is calling me to switch things around.

He wants me to use my writing to bless others, NOT as a byproduct…but as a main product.

I had it all backwards.

Blogging should not only stem from a desire to glorify God or use a writing talent, but also stem from an INSANE love for the readers.

With my blogging focus set towards all three goals in the right order, I think I finally have the missing puzzle piece that can move me forward as a blogger (whatever that means).

What is Next?

The moment I figured out what I’ve been neglecting, I repented.

Repentance is always the first step in true change.

Then confession. (PS. That’s what I’m doing in this blog post!)

After that, I’m going to be doing a lot of prayer.

I’m going to pray that God helps me fall crazy in love with my audience. With you.

Because I can’t make myself love anyone. Believe me, I’ve tried.

I can’t wait for this new love story to begin.

I delight in loving my children, friends and husband…I can’t wait to love you like I love them.

I’m also going to seek out others to pray for me (will you do this for me once right now?) and hold me accountable to my convictions.

What About Your Blog?

Do you have a blogging heart issue that you need to work on?

Do you need to confess to someone?

Do you need prayer?

I want your blog to succeed because when someone that LOVES Jesus succeeds in ministry…we all do.

But most of all, I want you to flourish

…because I think I’m starting to fall in love with you.

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