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Would You Like to Know 50 Habits of
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25 Bestselling Journaling Bibles for Any Type of Person

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A while back I was asked to review journaling Bibles. I’d always wanted one, but we have enough Bibles that I couldn’t justify another purchase.

Since receiving it, I’ve filled the pages with different designs. I actually started reading it from the beginning and I would journal on each corresponding page as a permanent bookmarker (Though little strings always get yanked out by someone at my house!).

This Journaling Bible has become my go-to Bible,  and I’ve wanted to share my Bible journaling experience with my family (especially my kids that are just starting to get into the Bible). I’ve seen some other really cool ones out there.

Here’s a list of Amazon’s 25 Bestselling Journaling Bible for any type of person you might be wanting to buy one for (or yourself).

25 Bestselling Journaling Bibles for Every Type of Person

The New Testament Lover

If you love the New Testament, this cute New Testament Journaling Bible is a great gift. It includes the Psalms and Proverbs as well.

For the Lover of Simple

Simple, black and banded. Just what the person who appreciates simple design would love!

For the Girly-Girl

This bestselling journaling Bible is great for those who LOVE pink and pretty designs. (There are also others in this series as well!)

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For the Teenager

This journaling Bible doesn’t have reviews, but it’s exactly like its adult counterpart (which DOES have high marks).

What’s the difference? This one has Teen Journaling Prompts…um, can you say AWESOME!!!

For the Non-Creative

These Bibles are full of already made illustrations for coloring. They are great journaling Bibles for those who aren’t super creative or little ones that want to color inside the lines!

For the Artist

This bestselling journaling Bible is great for the artist who loves a blank canvas.

The pages are extra durable for paints and markers (though no Bible I’ve found has SUPER thick paper otherwise it’d be impossible to bind or take anywhere!)

For the Writer

This Journaling Bible is half-drawing space and half-writing space. The main difference between this journaling Bible and a regular one is that the lines are under the text instead of on the side.

For the Jetsetter

Most of the bestselling journaling Bibles are pretty bulky, so this version of the super popular Inspire Journaling Bible just has one book of the Bible, so it’s great for the on-the-go person who doesn’t want to pack a large Bible. You can choose Psalms or Proverbs.

For the Large Print Lover

This Bible is great for those who enjoy a font that’s a little easier on the eyes (like me). I love the additional elastic band around the cover to keep all your artwork safe!

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For the Commentary Lover

This bestselling journaling Bible is full of helpful commentary with spaces to draw and write.

For the Evangelist

Unlike other Journaling Bibles, these are Bible Journaling Notecards that can be handed out to others for encouragement and evangelism!

For the KJV Lover (Female)

For the KJV Lover (Male)

For the NKJV Lover (Female)

For the NKJV Lover (Male)

For the NLT Lover (Female)

For the NLT Lover (Male)

For the ESV Lover (Male)

For the ESV Lover (Female)

For the HCSB Lover (Male)

For the HCSB Lover (Female)

For the NIV Lover (Female)

For the NIV Lover (Male)

For the NIV Lover (Teen Girl)

For The Message Lover

For the Modern English Lover


Fun Additions to Add to Your Journaling Bible Experience

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Looking for a bestselling journaling Bible for a gift? From the King James Lover to the non-creative, here is an easy buying guide for any type of person.

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