A Poem For My Mother

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I’m sorry I’ve been too busy lately to talk on the phone
To call “just to say hi” because I’m overwhelmed with my own home

I’m sorry I’ve repressed how much I love and need you
Because I’m surrounded by my own children who have things for me to do

But I think about you every time my teenage daughter expresses her unwavering love
I remember being young and how I had time to say everything I thought of

I recall crying when I realized one day death would take you away
But the years have been sweet, for yet you still stay

Though tonight I was reminded by someone who has her mother not
of precious memories life has not forgot

Washers without knobs that only mom knows how to work
dinner tables of laughter and country roads make hearts hurt

So I slowed down just a bit to write down these words
Because it’s too late to call, but they need to be heard

While you are yet living and time is still on my side
To tell you my heart still sings when you stop by

I still find comfort in your arms when I need to weep
And your advice I still seek when I’m in too deep

In your presence I’m myself like I can never be around another
because somethings can be understood only by a mother

I can’t waste another minute without expressing these simple things
Because no one knows what tomorrow might bring

It might be me driving home under the sun setting day
Watching children consoling each other in the rearview as I search for words to say

They might be my photos beckoning another to come
To say these important words to their mother before another day is done

I hope God grants us many more years together
Because with you here, my life is surely better

But even if your body’s vapor soon disappears into the air
I will have the solace I took advantage of moments while they were yet there

And didn’t let life steal the chance for me to say once again
That you weren’t just my mother, but you are my best friend.

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