A Funny Street Evangelism Story


Sometimes when you share the gospel you get offered vagina necklaces.

Let me explain.

My husband and his evangelism-loving friends used to go as often as they could to witness on 6th Street in Austin, Texas. Don’t shun them for their street evangelism. They were filming a documentary called “What’s Your Greatest Fear?” The bright lights and big video camera caused all the drunken people to flock. The inebriated party-goers thought they were filming for a reality TV show. The presence of a film crew got my husband and his friends in the door to ask people ‘what’s your greatest fear?’ The ultimate answer: death.

Talking about death naturally leads to a spiritual conversation.

But vagina necklaces?

Most times, I’m the one that stayed home with sleeping kiddos while my husband went out at 11pm to film. But one night we got a sitter and I went down to 6th street to ‘proclaim the Gospel’.

If you think Christians telling drunk people about Jesus is creepy, you’ve never had a gnarly guy whisper softly to you, “Do you want to buy a vagina necklace?”

I squinted through the darkness to see miniature clay vaginas hanging from chains. I politely refused.

Ya’ll, I can’t make this stuff up.

Seven years later, I’m still telling this crazy story. It stuck with me. And lately, I’ve been wondering if it was a message from God. (Don’t hate, I believe God can send messages to us in whatever way he wants.)

What if this is how God wants us to understand the unbelieving world? What if this is the common response we SHOULD expect when sharing Jesus?

(I’m digging myself a hole, I can just feel it. Bear with me.)

One of my favorite saying that I made up is: Heathens will do what heathens do best: act completely Godless!

There is no reason to NOT expect to be offered vagina necklaces. It is the (not-so-high) cost of evangelism. Jesus was mocked and hung on a cross for spreading his message of repentance and forgiveness. Sharing his message won’t be met with “Oh, really! Please led me in the sinner’s prayer right now!” If you think it will be, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. This disappointment can stifle our courage to share what WE ARE COMMANDED TO SHARE!

Telling people to repent from sin is heavy work — like major road construction, everyone will complain about your “work” unless they can get a vision of the end result.

I want to encourage everyone to be courageous in telling people about our RISEN SAVIOR — but to expect to be offered a vagina necklace.

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