In my waiting for THE ONE, God has showed me five ways to find hope while He is still changing me into the person He wants me to be for my future husband.
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5 Ways To Find Hope While Waiting For The One

Over the last few years, I have felt God has me in His ‘waiting’ room.

And I have begun to learn that the more you struggle, the less you learn what God is trying to teach you.

Don’t get me wrong, it has not been easy. There have been many difficult days where I have questioned God. Reflecting backwards on all that God has molded in my character is not easy to understand unless I look forward and trust in His greater picture for my life.

I have waited for many things and seen God’s amazing hand moving on my behalf.

As I wait, I am on a journey too. Here are five ways I have found hope while waiting.

5 Ways To Find Hope While Waiting For The One

1. Read

Start with God’s word.

It lights your life and allows His promises to bring hope alive in your heart as you learn how to wait and the meaning of patience.

Find an area of interest of study and concentrate on that.

Personally, in my waiting, I’ve focused on studying more about what true worship should be.

Also read books and articles on waiting. Write out your life plan that aligns with God’s word. Meditate on the promises of a God who will never fail you!

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2. Pray

Constant dialogue with God should be central to who you are!

I have learned to talk to God as my best friend. He knows my deepest desires, my longings, my hurts. Everything. He is my confidante!

When you feel overwhelmed and you don’t know what to pray, you can pray the promises of God. I have created promise cards with specific themes and I carry them around with me to encourage myself and talk to God. 24/7!

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3. Worship

I love worship; spending time adjusting my heart-attitude, bowing in adoration and honor before God.

Through painful valleys, trials and tragedies, He has replaced my heart with a love and passion for Him that is amazing!

Spend as much time encouraging yourself through worship. It will soon turn the focus on waiting for ‘the one’ to focusing on THE ONE who is the creator of all! Because He is God Most High and ultimately, His plan for our lives in our waiting is more awesome than we could ever dream.

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4. Become a better person

Allow God to work in your heart and mind. As you are changed during this time of singleness, you become a better person. This starts with your words and actions towards others.

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Concentrate on self-improvement . As you learn to love yourself the way Christ loves you, you will be able to emanate His love to others in all you are. This will help you serve ‘the one’ better when he finally comes.

Be self-aware. Continually look at God’s word and line yourself up with it. Aim to become better at every aspect in line with your core values.

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5. Connect with others

Christ gives us so much. So why not give back to others?

Giving takes the focus off ‘waiting.’ It creates doors of opportunity, and before you realize, you will lose sight of your problems and concentrate on others.

Volunteer. Help others. Do something to make someone else smile. Make friends with new people. Find new interests and hobbies.

Connect with other Christians too. I don’t believe we only should be making friends and connecting with church, but we need the weekly interaction with others who are like-minded and share our faith so that we can encourage, love and pray for one another.

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Final Thoughts

In my waiting, God has helped me develop these five areas. He has changed me and is still changing me, starting with my mindset and then my heart – into the person He wants me to be for my future husband.

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I am becoming more like Christ and I know that I will never stop learning as long as I live and make myself available to Christ, My First Love, My Kinsman Redeemer!

At this season where Valentine’s Day is around the corner, allow Christ to be your Cupid. He will be the best matchmaker ever!

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