They are dirty. They smell weird. But they are OUR sweet boys. We want the best for them, but how can we raise Godly boys in THIS broken world.
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5 Things You Must Do to Raise Godly Boys in Today’s World

Raising kids in this world can be tough. Notice I didn’t say today’s world. The world with all its tragedies and suffering has been the same since sin came into it.

The last couple of generations have just started realize how bad the world is though the Internet and main stream media.

No doubt we need to protect what goes into our kids minds because junk is more easily accessed compared to generations past. Video games, music, You-tube, Google all need to be monitored closely lest the devil get a foothold into the mind of our kids.

Despite the state of the world, I’m blessed to be lent two wonderful boys to raise. I really don’t deserve it, because I’ve grieved the Lord so many times in my life, but I’m glad he doesn’t keep count.
He knew I could handle boys and so here I am. So how to raise them in a godly way? Over the years I’ve picked up on a few tips on raising godly boys here is five of them.

They are dirty. They smell weird. But they are OUR sweet boys. We want the best for them, but how can we raise Godly boys in THIS broken world.

#1 Be an example.

You are being watched very carefully. Everything you say and do will be analyzed and either copied or critiqued. No, I’m not talking about your spouse or even God, I’m talking about your kids.

I have two boys and they have been observing my every move and how I talk since they were born. And it’s not just how I talk and what I do, it’s how I handle situations that come up.

How did I react when I stubbed my toe? What words did I say in front of my kids when that idiot driver just cut me off?

Believe me I’ve failed at being an example. Living by scripture is not easy sometimes. That fleshy nature will take over and before you know it , you’ve just flipped the bird to the driver that cut you off….and then you hear from the back seat “mom, why are you so angry?” Or flipped out on another parent over the phone and feel a little hand touch you followed by the words “mom, why are you crying?”

Live and react in a God pleasing manner according to His Word, not just for you, but the little blessings around you. Be an example.

#2 Be honest with your boys

I’ve done some wild stupid things in my life. Promiscuity being the biggest activity that had a serious impact on my life, especially spiritually.

Exposure to pornography, and engaging in premarital sex is still effecting my walk with Christ. Addictions are very hard to overcome. Sexual or otherwise. Those who have never suffered will never understand.

I’m honest with my oldest boy about the bad things I’ve done. I tell him as a warning. I don’t want him to suffer the same way I am. I don’t want him to have premarital sex because I know how it will effect his mind, and every other relationship he has. His marriage will not be what God intended it to be; pure.

I became pregnant at the age of 17 and decided that it was not in the child’s best interest that I keep it for myself. Thank the Lord that it was an open adoption and I’ve watched her grow into an awesome young woman. But my actions have put a burden on her of not being wanted.

So I’m honest with my boys. Don’t do what mom did. Live by God’s word my sons. His Words are not rules to keep us from having fun, but warnings to keep us from hurting ourselves.

#3 Be always in prayer

1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray continually.

Yep, that’s what Gods Word says to do. Be constantly sending requests and supplication for your children to the One who answers.

Pray for everything. Nothing is to silly to take to the Lord.

At school there’s education and I prayed for their ability to concentrate on their education but we also need to pray for their emotions. Anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy. We as humans are so easily deceived by our emotions and our kids are the same.

Pray that God would give our kids discernment in everything they do. He moves kings and nations He can move our kids in the right direction to find friends.

#4 Remember they aren’t YOUR Kids, they belong to God first

Our kids are on loan to us. They’re a gift from God. Given to us to raise them in the ways of the Lord so they can go and do great things for Him.

I hear a lot of non-believers say the biggest fear is loosing their kids. The fear of not knowing what eternity holds for them or their kids can be consuming and cause great stress.

Raising your kids to know the Lord is a great comfort and amazing hope when tragedy happens and kids are taken from the earth.

Recently, a very dear childhood friend lost 3 of her 4 children in a farming accident, in one night. Who could survive that kind of tragedy other then those who are walking very close with the Lord? Without having any hope in Christ? The uncle of these three girls said it was a blessing that God allowed them to “borrow” these girls. They knew and understood the girls were God’s not theirs. They surrender them to the Lord.

In the end, God decides where they end up!

For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him. 1 Thessalonians 4:14 NIV

#5 Open your Bible

My devotions can be non-existent at times. And I ask myself “how can I raise godly boys without opening His Word?”

The answer is I can’t .

It’s like trying to graduate high school without opening a text book.

I need to keep my relationship close with Christ and know God’s word so I can share that with my boys and to show that there is One that they will be accountable to besides me or their dad.

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 2 Timothy 3:16 NIV

And then…

There are so many more points that could be mentioned on raising godly boys. And even now I’m thinking of other points. Like letting your boys be boys. Get dirty, find bugs and pull them apart, battle it out with their friends on a distant galaxy. Girls and boys are wired differently, that’s the way God made us. Don’t try to make them equals, cause they’re not.

There are so many resources on raising boys in our Christian book stores. But in all honestly, there is really only one book that is needed. The verse from 2 Timothy 3:16 says scripture is all we need for any kind of teaching. It’s all there in His Word.

They are dirty. They smell weird. But they are OUR sweet boys. We want the best for them, but how can we raise Godly boys in THIS broken world.


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