If you are worried that your kids will be "missing out" on Halloween: STOP RIGHT THERE! Being a Christian is all about sacrifices Christ made so we wouldn't "miss out" on eternal life.
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5 Things I’m Glad My Children are “Missing” Out on Halloween

If you are worried that your kids will be “missing out” on Halloween: STOP RIGHT THERE! Being a Christian is all about sacrifices Christ made so we wouldn’t “miss out” on eternal life.

Insulating kids from the pain of missing out will create the mindset that Christianity and culture can coexist harmoniously.

News Flash: they can’t and never will.

Being a true Christian all about missing out on sinful behaviors and evil practices.

But this isn’t a bad thing! Missing out on the nasty stuff means they get to collect more of the Godly things!

So instead of looking from the perspective of them “missing out” on the fun…let’s look at what they are actually missing out on.

5 Things I’m Glad My Children are “Missing Out” on Halloween

Spiritual Darkness & Warfare

By avoiding Halloween, your children are missing out on the demonic activity that occurs on Halloween.

Sure, it’s all about kids and candy…or is it?

Halloween is not only a holiday celebrated by children, it’s celebrated by adults everywhere. Mostly to drink. But there is a dark side of Halloween that includes rituals and routine sacrifices, make no mistake. Real witches, warlocks and druid priest are conjuring up the power of Satan to do his dark deeds.

Spiritual warfare is REAL. And while “greater is HE that is in me than he who is in the world” I’m not dumb enough to think that Halloween is a benign holiday just because our children aren’t taking part of the witchcraft.

No need to allow your children to roam about during this time of increased wickedness.

Just because “everyone else is doing it” doesn’t mean I have to allow my kids to do it. It’s kind of the proverbial “if all your friends jumped off a cliff” scenario.

Scary Images

The Bible is clear that we should set no vile thing before our eyes.

It doesn’t make an exception for Halloween.

I’ve been the mom that says “fine” we’ll just go trick-or-treating…what’s the harm right?


I cannot tell you how much people get into character for Halloween. Dead bodies in the yard, blood and guts strewn across the porch.

No thank you.

Candy, Candy, Candy

I’m not a crunchy-granola mom by any stretch of the imagination, but my kids get enough sweets in the regular day to day events that I don’t need an entire 5-lb bag PER CHILD coming home on Halloween night.

PS. Seven kids would mean I get roughly 35 lbs of candy if my kids went out trick-or-treating!

And can we mention the crash after the sugar high?

I’m a big fan of gum.

Let’s chew gum. Buy them a giant package of gum. Their teeth and bellies will thank you later!


We live in a world where we complain about the youth of today. “They are so selfish.” or “They are so entitled.” And yet we readily celebrate Halloween and allow them to go door to door and demand candy from complete strangers.

Then, if it’s not bad enough, they come home and demand that all the candy they collected is “theirs” alone! All 5 lbs of it!

If baby sister wants a piece, it’s most likely met with “ughs!” and “not fairs!”

And you know bad attitudes stemming from Halloween aren’t limited to just on Halloween night…it’s every day until the candy is gone.

Mixed Message

Children are the best at being black and white. There is either “right” or “wrong” in their little minds.

I’m especially glad that my children are experiencing a consistent message from their parents that Christ comes over culture.

We don’t celebrate Christmas with Santa or Easter with the Easter Bunny either. We are working toward even further refining our message to potentially including biblical feasts and other alternatives.

I’m a big fan of making sure my house isn’t boring (and if you ask my kids, they will agree) but I’m proud that I don’t have to compromise my beliefs in order to do so!

But Wait…There’s More!

But Halloween doesn’t have to be a total loss…or a holiday where we run and hide. The Bible says this:

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21

How can we do this?

Halloween is a Chance to Minister

What holiday creates the reverse Christian evangelist opportunity? Where instead of Christians going door-to-door and asking people “Do you know Jesus?” (and getting the doors slammed in their faces), dozens of children come willingly to your door and ask for something sweet?

You know what’s sweet? The Word of God.

You don’t have to be a weirdo and start an entire sermon or anything, just pass out this amazing kid-friendly cartoon called “The Pumpkin Gospel” along with a piece of candy (or gum…remember, I like gum). It’s an INSTANT DOWNLOAD (no waiting for an email)…but do wait for the PDF to load, it’s been taking a little longer than normal lately!

It’s a fun way to introduce The Good News with kids.

If you are convicted to stay in and turn off the lights, I’m cool with that too.

If you are worried that your kids will be "missing out" on Halloween: STOP RIGHT THERE! Being a Christian is all about sacrifices Christ made so we wouldn't "miss out" on eternal life.

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  • Melissa

    I liked reading your article. I don’t celebrate Halloween either. As a family, we focus on All Saints Day which falls on 1st November and All Souls Day which is on 2nd November. So we (well, my husband and I) write down the names of all our relatives and friends who have passed away and as a family we spend some time in prayer for their souls. Well, just thought I’d share

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