The letter read: "Unfortunately, we regret to inform you..." Suddenly, I felt discouraged and uncertain about my future. Here's 5 powerful ways I coped.

5 Powerful Choices When You Feel Uncertain and Discouraged

I stood in the middle of the road with tears streaming down my face. Shuffling past our front gate toward the supermarket down the street, my feet felt heavy.

I felt stuck.

Why wasn’t anything working out?

I was Christian, I read my Bible, I prayed and I certainly had faith…but still nothing was working out.

I was back in the same position I had found myself after my first graduation: uncertain and discouraged.

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I had received so many rejection letters for all my graduate applications; I was starting to lose hope. The little hope I had left rested on my top choice school which I hadn’t heard from yet. So, when the school’s email notification pop up in my inbox, I confidently opened it without hesitation. Despite my self-assurance, I found myself staring at my inbox with tears in my eyes.

“Unfortunately, we regret to inform you…”

There is nothing more painful than receiving an email with the words “regret” or “unfortunately” in them. Those two words are both very hard to swallow.

How had I found myself here? I was supposed to be living my dream right now not crying in the middle of the street with no plans for my future, not failing when everyone else was living their best lives.

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I was overwhelmed by discouraging thoughts of how my life was going to turn out. The thoughts just drained me more of the little energy my cells had managed to conjure up. I felt helpless.

Life isn’t easy and no one ever promised it would be. Actually, Jesus said, “in this life, we WILL have trouble.”

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Is this You?

Do you feel

  • uncertain because unexpected events pop up
  • overwhelmed by deadlines and expectations
  • discouraged, unable to complete any task at all
  • suffocated by your too busy schedule
  • so exhausted you sleep instead of doing devotions

There is a window of peace waiting to be opened in the midst of the chaos and uncertainty.

5 Powerful Choices When You Feel Uncertain and Discouraged

1. Breathe

Most times we forget this very pertinent just breathe. It’s very easy to get caught up in everything going on (or not going on) around us that we forget to inhale and to exhale. Slow deep breathing releases the build-up of toxicity/acidity in your body; therefore,  relieving you and bringing back balance into your system.

2. Pray

During peak times of struggle, your brain tries to work it out. This result in overthinking. Overthinking raises your stress levels and your blood pressure. So rather than letting the thoughts run wild direct them in meaningful prayers. Talk to God. Ask for guidance and peace. 

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3. Do the Little Things

When faced with a big problem I tend to think I need a big solution to fix it. I then try to achieve so much I forget the little things like breathing, eating, and laughing.

Do the small things first. Take it one step at a time. It’s hard trying to have answers to things you don’t know the answers to. Take a step back. There is value in the minuscule things because in the end, they bring the wholeness to the bigger things.

4. Disconnect

Take your faith away from the information on the internet. As helpful as it is to have so much information at our fingertips, it’s can also be harmful. Negative things fill the internet. The Bible says that faith comes by hearing (Romans 10:17). When you aren’t hearing things that positively stir your faith you are inevitably listening to things that are stealing from it.

It’s easy to find people online ranting about the thing you are going through or discouraging you on that venture you want to start. Don’t let the voices of the internet corrupt your faith, but rather root yourself in the promises of God. Don’t let the lies of the world take your thoughts captive.

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5. Talk to Someone

The truth is there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). Absolutely nothing. It’s all been done before.

Someone out is going through the same thing. Sometimes it feels lonely when you are going through a tough situation. By opening up and talking to someone you might find people surrounding you who have been through a similar situation or are in the middle of fighting through it just like you. 

Feeling Discouraged Can Give Roots to Our Faith

When Paul (2 Corinthians 4:7-18) spoke about persevering I don’t think he meant having everything figured out. And it wasn’t about having all your plans work out in record time either. It was about learning to deal with each and every unwelcome situation that comes your way. It was about keeping your faith rooted in Christ even when life came blowing and raging determined to shake your foundation.

Perseverance is not an easy road and it is not something that comes once and leaves like a bout of chicken pox. Perseverance is an ongoing process that needs dedication and persistence.

I was the girl standing in the middle of the road crying and I still cry sometimes now but I have learned how to persevere through tough times. I have learned how to push through the feeling uncertain and discouraged. It’s still not easy but it is reassuring to know that through it all God is by my side walking with me.

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God Knows Your Future

When I’m knee deep in whatever mess life throws at me, I often forget to keep my eyes on the one person who knows me completely. He knows how my tomorrow will turn out. He knows us so well that no surprises ever come his way. Rest in His truths when your world comes crumbling and your plans fail.

A time will come when you won’t just say ‘Jesus take the wheel’  but you’ll actually give him the wheel not as a joke or a quirky punchline at the end of your Facebook post but as a surrender of your situation to Him who knows the way you should go. No matter how difficult it is, know there is an all-knowing God who has everything under control right when you think you’ve lost it.

The letter read: "Unfortunately, we regret to inform you..." Suddenly, I felt discouraged and uncertain about my future. Here's 5 powerful ways I coped.

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