There’s nothing better than cuddling on the couch as a family & watching some family-friendly movies. Here's a few movies on PureFlix we’ve been loving!

15 Most Popular Movies and Shows to Watch on Pure Flix

It’s the most wonderful time of year, which means Christmas is right around the corner! ‘Tis the season to count your blessings, give back, and create special memories with those you love. There’s nothing better than cuddling up on the couch as a family and watching some of our favorite movies. Here are some family-friendly movies that we’ve been loving!

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1.     Wish For Christmas: “Wish for Christmas” is about a high school student who successfully wishes her parents’ faith goes away after finding out she won’t be able to attend the town’s winter dance because she’s forced to attend a Christmas Eve church service. During the holiday season, this is one of our favorites to watch to remind us the importance of faith!

2.     Finding Normal: “Finding Normal” is about Dr. Lisa Leland, who is on the way to the wedding of her dreams, gets caught in some trouble in Normal, North Carolina. She has to choose between jail time or three days of community service as the town’s doctor and meets a man who turns everything around. I love this movie; it’s one of my favorites on Pure Flix! While serving her time at community service, Lisa meets the man of her dreams and trouble stirs up.
3.     God’s Compass: “God’s Compass” is a great option to instill family values, forgiveness, and teach your family about second chances. It’s about a family who is still struggling with the loss of a loving husband. As hope dwindles, they meet a 16-year-old delinquent running from foster care that leads them towards the path of healing.
4.     Little Notes To Heaven: If you’re in the mood for a romantic movie for date night, “Little Notes to Heaven” is a great option, about a true love story that proves that love can overcome anything.
5.     Trust Fund: “Trust Fund” is a drama about a girl with a bright future. Reese Donahue is a successful writer in Chicago with the perfect life everyone aspires to have. Her world is turned when she finds out her mother left behind a trust fund and had a different life path for her. She has to choose what the right path is for her despite what her father believes.
6.     Faith’s Song: “Faith’s Song” deals with a young girl who has her faith tested when she is forced to live with her relatives who don’t believe in God after her parents die tragically in a car accident. This movie deals with mature subjects, so it might not be great for young kiddos!
7.     Coffee Shop: “Coffee Shop” is a perfect movie for those who love light-hearted movies! It’s a classic romantic comedy about a young woman who is struggling to keep her coffee shop open in the mall and decides on an idea to replace the old Santa in the mall with a “Hunky Santa.” Little does she know what she’ll get herself into!
8.     A Christmas Tree Miracle: If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas movie that’s great for the entire family, “A Christmas Tree Miracle” is it! This tale reminds us that the best gifts are the ones around us all year round. It’s a great, wholesome option for the holidays!
9.     Christmas Tail: “Christmas Tail” is about two divorced parents who are fighting over the custody of a dog that they both want to gift to their children for Christmas. A movie with a dog is sure to be a hit!
10.   As Dreamers Do: In the mood for a documentary? “As Dreamers Do” is about the fascinating story of Walt Disney and how he followed his dreams, in turn making millions of children’s dreams come true.
11.   Inside Things: Mix things up a bit from a typical movie, and watch the episode series “Inside Things.” Learn how everyday things work, and find out how inventions were created by mankind! This series is a great way to help your kids learn while having fun, and is one of the great options Pure Flix has to offer as part of their homeschool curriculum.
12.   Christmas Grace: Another good option for the holiday season is a story about a small toy owner who is dealing with competition from a ruthless corporation that won’t stop to run him out of business. “Christmas Grace” is the perfect feel-good movie that teaches us to never give up on faith and that God always has a plan.
13.   12 Dogs of Christmas: “12 Dogs of Christmas” is another great option for all the dog lovers in your family! This movie tells a story about a town where the mayor creates a no-dogs-allowed rule and a girl named Emma gathers unlikely allies to fight the law. One your kids will for sure love!
14.   321 Penguins: “321 Penguins” is an animated episode series about a tale of penguins! Two brothers and their crew travel out of space to explore. If your kids love cartoons, this series is a great way to teach them about important moral lessons.
15.   Animals Are People Too: Another episode series that is a great homeschool resource is “Animals Are People Too” The series includes stories and moments captured of animals that prove they have the same emotional intelligence and feelings as people.

I hope you enjoy some of these movies as much as I did! In the mood to have a movie marathon without having to break the bank? Pure Flix is currently offering a free Christmas movie every Sunday from now until Christmas Eve! You can check out the schedule and sign up for the free movies here! Not only is Pure Flix great for exploring wholesome movies, but they also offer a wide range of homeschooling curriculum that any parent can appreciate to keep learning fun! What are your favorite movies to watch this time of year?

There’s nothing better than cuddling on the couch as a family & watching some family-friendly movies. Here's a few movies on PureFlix we’ve been loving!

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