Would You Like to Know 50 Habits of First-Century Christians? 

Would You Like to Know 50 Habits of
First-Century Christians? 

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100 Ways to Increase Faith in Your Family This Year

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I’m always looking for ways to share my faith with my family.

Here is a list of some obvious and not-so-obvious things you can do to spiritually connect and grow stronger as a Christian family.

Make sure to scroll down and add your own ideas in the comments!

100 Ways to Increase Faith in Your Family This Year

  1. Go to church together
  2. Put on some worship music and worship together
  3. Read the Bible together
  4. Find a community service project together
    (Here are tips to serving when you have children in tow)
  5. Witness together
    (Learn how to share the gospel here)
  6. Take communion together
  7. Read missionary stories together
    (Here are my favorite!)
  8. Go to a Christian concert together
  9. Attend a weekly Bible study together
  10. Go on a mission trip together
    (Here’s how to go on a mission trip as a family)
  11. Listen to Christian podcasts together
  12. Memorize scripture together
  13. Fast together (even if it’s just a meal!)
  14. Attend a Christmas play together
  15. Take a walk and discover God’s beauty together
  16. Attend an Easter play together
  17. Participant (attend/serve) in AWANAS together
  18. Ask people for prayer requests together (cashiers, waitresses)
  19. Pray for each other
  20. Pray for relatives
  21. Pray for non-family members
  22. Host meals for fellowshipping with people from church together
  23. Talk about spiritual things while doing chores
    (Download the free Say This, Pray That chart!)
  24. Give to a local charity
  25. Serve at church together
    (Here’s some ways to get your children excited about serving others)
  26. Draw pictures of Jesus together
  27. Decorate coffee mugs with scriptures together
    (Here are the markers you can use)
  28. Write a Christian play and film it together
  29. Dance while listening to Christian music
  30. Watch Christian movies together
    (Get a free month of Pureflix here)
  31. Sponsor a child through Compassion
  32. Watch documentaries about martyrs
    (we love Torchlighter’s for younger children)
  33. Put scriptures in your children’s lunchboxes
    (Download the free Lunchbox Scriptures PDF)
  34. Play 20 questions – Bible-style
  35. Help kids build a church in Minecraft
  36. Play Barbies/dolls “go to church”
  37. Act out Bible stories together
  38. Make Bible character sock puppets
  39. Play Bible board games
    (Here’s a complete list)
  40. Write a Christian children’s book together
  41. Hand out Halloween gospel tracts together
    (Download the free Pumpkin Gospel printable)
  42. Talk about Christian modesty with tweens/teens
  43. Do Christian copy work together
    (Download the free Learn the Verse, Fruits of the Spirit)
  44. Visit the sick together
  45. Order a FaithBox and await its arrival!
  46. Get your Bibles out and decorate them! (
    Here’s how to start a Bible journal
    OR here’s a list of journaling Bibles if you don’t have one!)
  47. Teach your children about Christian persecution
  48. Write a letter to a missionary or your sponsored child
  49. Go to a Compassion Experience together
  50. Buy a gift for a missionary together
    (Here’s a great list of presents for missionaries if you don’t know what to get!)
  51. Practice a song and sing it as a family in front of your congregation
  52. Celebrate Advent together
    (Here’s a list of Advent books and calendars)
  53. If you have to miss church, watch a Christian movie instead
    (Here are my top 10 Christian movies to watch!)
  54. Write scriptures on 3×5 index cards and put them around the house
  55. Play Bible Trivia
  56. Tell Christian jokes
  57. Watch Christian comedians on Youtube
    (We love Tim Hawkins)
  58. Go to Chik-fil-A
    (and tell your children why they aren’t open on Sundays)
  59. Color Christian coloring pages
  60. Read Christian children books each night
  61. Make a Nativity “Gingerbread” House with these cookie cutters
  62. Adopt or foster a child
  63. Learn to play instruments so you can start a worship band
  64. At dinner, share scriptures that you remember
  65. Get a canvas and paint inspirational Christian words on it
  66. Read famous Christian quotes to each other
  67. Practice sharing the gospel with each other
  68. Listen to testimonies
  69. Attend a Voice of the Martyrs conference
  70. Have a spiritual notebook you pass around the family
  71. During car trips, go through the alphabet and think of Christian words
  72. Talk about what you think heaven is like
  73. Talk freely about your struggles and how God can help
  74. Have a bedtime prayer routine
  75. Have a morning prayer routine
  76. Have a morning devotional
  77. Get baptized together
  78. Teach your children to read the Bible
  79. Learn about Christian head covering
  80. Teach your children how to have their own devotional
  81. Play hide-and-seek (then explain how God always knows where they are!)
  82. Donate food to a family in need during Christmas
  83. Make Christian holidays actually about Jesus (and not about the Easter bunny or Santa)
  84. Give rewards for consecutive days devotional are done (Download this free devotional checklist)
  85. Learn how to do verse mapping together
  86. Learn Hebrew or Greek together
  87. Read history together from a Christian perspective (We love Mystery of History)
  88. Learn about the different oils used in Biblical times
  89. Pray about everything
  90. Learn the seven names of God from the Bible
  91. Avoid unwholesome TV and music
  92. Avoid having close relationships with unbelievers
  93. Live and teach a biblical view of marriage
  94. Help children prepare for their future spouse
  95. Tithe as a family
  96. Homeschool your children
  97. Be a joyful family
  98. Make wooden crosses to sell at local farmer’s markets
  99. Learn how to recognize false religions
  100. Talk about the hard issues of life

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I'm always looking for ways to share my faith with my family. Here is a list of some obvious and not-so-obvious things you can do to spiritually connect and grow stronger as a Christian family.

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