Would You Like to Know 50 Habits of First-Century Christians? 

Would You Like to Know 50 Habits of First-Century Christians? 

50+ Christian Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Guest blogging is a great way to improve your Alexa ranking, get on page 1 of Google and increase your Klout score.

But it is also a fabulous way to get to know other bloggers, expand your community and communicate to people that you may never have the chance to speak to if it weren’t for guest posting.

There is an endless sea of blogs on the internet, with more add every day. Trying to navigate which ones accept guest blogs can be time-consuming. There are many blogs that accept guest posts, but what if you are looking specifically for Christian blogs that accept guest posts?

Here is my (ever-growing) list of Christian blogs that accept guest bloggers. If you have one to add, please scroll to the bottom and submit it via the contact form.

50+ Christian Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

  1. Proverbs 31 Woman
  2. Girl Defined
  3. Money Saving Mom
  4. Michael Hyatt
  5. Unveiled Wife
  6. Radical Christian Woman
  7. Thriving Family (Focus on the Family)
  8. Arabah Joy
  9. Boundless (Focus on the Family)
  10. To Love, Honor, & Vacuum
  11. Christianity Today
  12. Whole Magazine
  13. Sojourners
  14. Relevant Magazine
  15. Compared to Who? (Specifically deals with Body Image)
  16. She Loves Magazine
  17. Becoming Press
  18. Converge Magazine
  19. Today’s Christian Woman
  20. Jarrid Wilson
  21. SiggiBlog
  22. RevTrev
  23. Rosann Cunningham.com
  24. Sarah Siders
  25. Christian Devotions
  26. Brad Andres
  27. ReThinkNow
  28. BronLea
  29. The Speckled Goat
  30. Marc Alan Schelske
  31. Christian Mommy Blogger
  32. Before the Cross
  33. Charisma Magazine
  34. Redeeming God
  35. Faithful Bloggers
  36. Our Church
  37. Christian Century
  38. Bible Way Magazine
  39. A Rising Generation
  40. Zachary Pierpont
  41. I Love Devotionals
  42. Broken Beautiful Bold
  43. Joy Reel
  44. Inspirational Christians for Today
  45. Gene Whitehead
  46. Of Dust & Kings
  47. Church Mag
  48. The High Calling – Share Your Story
  49. Living With Purpose
  50. Diana Leagh Matthews
  51. Alyssa J Howard
  52. What So Ever is Lovely Living
  53. Better Than Newlyweds
  54. AimeeBeau
  55. A Diligent Heart
  56. Living Words Cafe
  57. Grace Love Life
  58. Bible Jar
  59. Speak the Words
  60. I Choose My Best Life
  61. Cancer Prayer Network
  62. Christian Stress Management
  63. Patty Tower
  64. LeVaire
  65. Set the Word on Fire
  66. Truly Inspired Books
  67. Business of Christ
  68. Life By Design
  69. Memoirs of a Good Thing
  70. Life By His Design
  71. Rethink Know


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    Great thanks for the information and together we can do more and help more people how to use this strategy of “Guest Blogging”

  2. Reply

    Thank you for compiling this list. Do you know if these are all still up to date?

    • Reply

      I haven’t checked them in a while, so I guess I need to!

  3. Reply

    This is exactly what I was looking for! You were the first site to pop up on google! Thank you soooo much writing this post!! I’m in EBA and needed to start looking for Christian blogs to do a guest post for. 🙂

    • Reply

      Hey Melissa, if you’re still looking for guest blogging opportunities, I always welcome submissions on my blog. ( lifebyhisdesign.wordpress.com/writeforus/ )

    • Reply

      I’m a EBAer too!!!! I’ve been in the course since the first time it was offered and I’m doing it over for the third (fourth) time! Ruth is great.

  4. Reply

    Hello, @Melissa, @Elaine Mingus, and all others reading, EBAer or not –

    We at the Jesus Peace Radio Network are currently seeking Christian bloggers to feature at The Corner. Please send us a sample to info [at] JPRadio [dot] org, along with Guest Blogger in the subject line, and we will be in touch. Looking forward to working together for the Kingdom of God!

    Ryland and Alex of Jesus Peace Radio Network

    • Reply

      Awesome. If you send me a guest blog post specific page, I can include it on this blog post.

  5. Reply

    Thanks for the list. Will visit some of these blogs shortly for further details.

  6. Reply

    Thank you so much ! I just started and I’m looking at my options to get exposure to a niche of female christians 🙂

    • Reply

      Hi Justine,
      If you’re still looking for some guest blogging opportunity, I always welcome submissions on my blog. ( lifebyhisdesign.wordpress.com/writeforus/ )

  7. Reply

    Thank you so much for this list! I would love to host guests, but am brand new to blogging at justpresspray.com.

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